Photo: Riley's Bus Fleet outside Ettalong Cinema, one of the evening attractions for visitors to the region in the 1930s.

Picture Credit: Gosford Library

The Brisbane Water Oyster Festival will take place this year on Sunday the 10th of November.

Road closures will take place between 4am and 7pm.  If possible we suggest taking alternative transport to visit the event!



If you are coming by car, we have secured Kitchener Park as festival parking - more details to follow.


This year in effort to avoid any congestion we have secured Kitchener Park as a secondary car park space for festival attendees.

The shuttle will run from Kitchener Park exit on Hood Street, to the intersection of Schnapper and Flounder Road where you will be dropped off at the top end of the festival to enjoy!

Please note shuttle will run from 9-4:30pm only and will only go in one circular route to and from the festival site.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 4.30.53 pm.png


Trains leave regularly from stations on the Northern and Southern Train Lines and stop at Woy Woy Station. Please go to City Rail for your complete timetable.


Buses leave regularly from Woy Woy Station and arrive at Ettalong Beach. Go to Busways to view the timetable.

There are many bus services (Routes 53, 55 and 64) running between Woy Woy and Ettalong


Please check in with all ferry timetables due to current dredging of Brisbane Water.

Palm Beach Ferries - 1800 326 822

Central Coast Ferries

Catch a ride aboard Central Coast Ferries along the beautiful Brisbane Water past the oyster farms!

For more info please visit Central Coast Ferries



Ride your bike to avoid any traffic! Keep up to date with Central Coast Bicycle Club who know the area well!