Oyster Providers

This year we have 4 fantastic oyster providers for the festival. Each provider will bring something unique to the festival. 

Watch this space, as we hope to hold a workshop with some of our oysters & wine vendors to learn about the industry and pairing!

Casanova Oysters & Seafood

Rockin' oysters

Operating since 2009, Rockin’ Oysters farms Sydney Rock Oysters in the pristine waters at Camden Haven located at Port Macquarie. Winner of the prestigious 2014 Green Beacon Perfect Beer Match Award in Brisbane and the company is a supplier to the elite Signature Oysters.




Three generations of the Hemming family have been growing and processing oysters in the pristine waters of NSW. Keith Hemming started farming Sydney Rock Oysters on the Hawkesbury River from 1951. Andrew also farmed Sydney Rock Oysters on the Hawkesbury River from 1974 and in 1991 expanded the growing business with the purchase of Casanova Oysters, which was then located on the Eastern side of the Entrance Boatshed. In 2013 we moved to our current location in Berkley Vale to further expand our premise with our continued wholesale and retail growth.Our philosophy remains unchanged with our guarantee of the freshest oysters and seafood.



Whittens Organic Oyster Farms

Established in 1984. Whittens Oysters is a family owned, multi generational oyster farming and distribution business located in New South Wales. We are a predominantly a local Brisbane Waters oyster grower, but have leases stretching from the Hawkesbury all the way to Hastings River. 


Sounds on West is the evolution of Six-String Brewing Company, their love of craft beer, smoking meat and BBQ and just for us they’ll be smokin’ oysters!